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Token Symbol USDT
It's listed? Yes
Estimated value $60
Expiry date 16 Feb, 2020

Token Overview

On January 16th, 2020, the THDax digital currency trading platform shocks online. To celebrate the official launch of the platform, THDax prepared a generous USDT gift package for new users.

  1. This event can get up to 500 USDT per person (excluding trading experience credit), users can view the reward through assets on the home page.
  2. The trading experience credit gained by the event will not be locked, but other USDT reward will be locked. The detailed unlocking method will be announced in the near future.
  3. The final interpretation right of this event belongs to the THDax trading platform. In case of cheating, swiping, etc., THDax has the right to cancel user’s qualification to win awards and freeze the account and its associated UID.

Token Requirement

  • New users sign up and get 20 USDT + 0.5 USDT trading experience credit.
  • Pass real-name verification to get 10 USDT.
  • Completing first deposit will get 20 USDT + 0.5 USDT trading experience credit
  • 10 USDT + 0.5 USDT transaction experience credit can be obtained upon completion of the first transaction, the amount and type of transaction is unlimited

Every user invites one person to register for THDax, and successfully passes real-name verification, can get 5 USDT reward

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End in: 16 Feb, 2020

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